Today is a day for taking a day off: the week behind and the week ahead

Today is a day for taking a day off: the week behind and the week ahead

Australian Capital Territory
26 Jan 2017

Australia Day. We celebrate our nation, commemorating the day in 1788 when civilisation arrived in Australia in the form of a bunch of exiled British convicts.

This is also the time when our walnut tree delivers a fine crop of nuts. We can tell exactly when they are ready to harvest because two days earlier, the local sulphur-crested cockatoos come along and eat every last one.

Big, impressive birds, they have a raucous larrikin lifestyle, swooping around the sky shouting out to each other, gathering in flocks to feed and destroy things – like trees and streetlights – and just have a grand time of it. Their behaviour is lamentable, but they are clever creatures, and I try to keep on their good side by laying out birdseed.

For the past week, I’ve been answering the questions put to me as part of the Liebster Award. The final step in the process involves nominating five or more travel blogs with fewer than 200 follows. This is by far the hardest part: finding blogs that haven’t yet been nominated!

I’ve added a blogroll to my sidebar. I’ve been inundated by travel blogs recently and I’d like to keep track of the ones that appeal to me. I’ve begun with a handful and will add more.

This is yet another complication to my blog, which is becoming a little scrappy with lists and archives and social media links and so on. I’m investigating ways to make it a little cleaner in appearance. I’ve changed the homepage today to remove the content, leaving only the “postcards”. More to come as I explore the many possibilities of WordPress and my theme.

Not sure where the next week will lead me. I’ve got oodles of things to talk about, photos to share, tales to tell. You’ll have to see what pops up!