The top ten hackneyed tips for blogging success!

The top ten hackneyed tips for blogging success!

blogging successThe top ten hackneyed tips for blogging success!Canberra
Australian Capital Territory
10 Feb 2017

I’ve made one change, but otherwise, it’s been a quiet week for blogging success. The change was adding a travel map to create a “Where I’ve Been” page. It involves a powerful and flexible WordPress plugin, which I describe here.

One source of frustration has been misplacing a crucial travel journal. A full-size Moleskine, in which I recorded the details of all my flights between about 2006 and 2013, before switching to a smaller book which is easier to carry aboard. I haven’t thrown it away – I rarely throw anything away! – but I just can’t lay my hands on it. My notion of describing key points of many of the flights I’ve taken over the years, which inspired this blog’s title, has to take a bit of a back seat until I unearth the thing.

My top ten hackneyed tips for blogging success!

I’ve been reading a lot of travel blogs. Part of my research, part of becoming part of the community.

The top ten hackneyed tips for blogging success!I see so many blogs that stick to a formula. “Ten best airport travel tips”, “Five things to do in Paris” and so on. One that rubs me up the wrong way completely is something like “Ten sure-fire ways to get an upgrade”. That blog post – and I’ve seen it so many times – is almost always complete rubbish. Airlines sometimes upgrade passengers, but very rarely just for smiling at the check-in staff, or turning up in a suit for a long-haul flight, or announcing that it’s your anniversary.

There are online or email courses in blogging, or one can buy any number of books of the Blogging for Dummies variety. Chock-a-block full of good advice, but following it slavishly will result in a blog that looks like every other, full of posts that are SEO-optimised in a cookie-cutter fashion. If I see something that looks like click-bait, I’m getting wary of clicking the link, because invariably it’s a waste of my time searching through carefully constructed keywords and stock photographs.

Don’t get me wrong; just about every travel blogger around is enthusiastic, entertaining, creative and passionate. That’s the secret right there! Let your authentic voice ring out, share your quirks, your mistakes, your horrific travel experiences, your shining star days.

Don’t be like everybody else. Be yourself.


* Um. Anyone actually looking for my top ten hackneyed tips for blogging success, sorry.
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    1. Your voice is authentic and refreshing. You do a lot of blogging mechanics by the book, but you don’t fall into the trap of imagining that people want to read bland and impersonal wikitext.

      Not the fastest or flashiest car, but Herbie the Love Bug is the one people remember from the big race. Even down to his number and colour scheme.

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