Travel blogging in Iran

Travel Blogging in Iran

Travel Blogging in IranPersepolis
23 Apr 2017

Travel Blogging in Iran

It’s been a frustrating few days blogging from behind the Islamic Curtain. As a travel blogger, I rely heavily on a certain social media site, and access to it is almost completely cut off here.

Along with a wide range of other sites, often filtered out because they contain keywords. Certain brand names, certain news outlets, certain topics that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow in the rest of the world, are for one reason or another deemed inappropriate here.

Fair enough. Their country, their rules.

Other aspects of blogging on the road, such as poor or non-existent internet connections, bandwidth restrictions, lack of internet time and so on are as frustrating here as anywhere. Once I leave my home comfort zone where I have pretty much unlimited fast internet across all my devices, things slow down.

I wasn’t able to post images for a few days, for example. Or, if I was, I couldn’t see them. I think that’s sorted, but who knows?

One bonus is that I can Instagram quickly and easily, and set it to onpost to that certain social media site. 


The upside

Travel Blogging in IranIran is a fabulous place. The beauty of the country and the friendliness of its citizens is amazing. The depth of history here is unbelievable. In Australia, the written record of events only began in 1770, but in Persia, they invented writing about five thousand years before that.

Modern Iran is as developed and prosperous as any other nation. On a domestic flight, the road and rail network is readily apparent from the air; there are few places out of the reach of travellers. A normal car will take one pretty much anywhere. From the ground, the highways are excellent and well-maintained.

There are few (if any) homeless. The people look well-clothed, well-fed, in good health, and in conversation appear well-educated. Iran can teach many other nations how to look after their citizens.

I see a society generally happy and optimistic. A certain chafing with the government, but I have never found a place where this is not so.


Travel Blogging in IranWe have visited museums in Tehran, we have flown down to Shiraz, we have toured Persepolis, the ancient capital destroyed by Alexander the Great. My Instagram feed shows a few moments from the trip so far.

The national museum in Tehran and Persepolis were fabulous. Literally awesome. Even in ruins, Persepolis is impressive: in scale, in architecture and engineering, in art and social history. We can view the surviving artworks – many still intact and beautiful after two and a half thousand years – and gain a fairly solid appreciation of everyday life there.

I’ll update on how we went at drinking Shiraz in Shiraz, on Persepolis – with lots of photos – on the Carpet Museum, on many things. Just bear with me as I try to funnel all these Persian riches through a funnel of time and internet.

I should be finishing the story sometime next year. Trust me, the days are just packed solid with adventure here.


Travel Blogging in Iran