Best Travel Camera

Best Travel Camera

I guess I’ve bought about a half dozen cameras every year for the past five years in the pursuit of the perfect travel camera. Some new, some off eBay; it’s been a costly journey.

My first serious camera was a Canon DSLR and, several upgrades later when the size of the system became more than I really wanted to lug about, I downshifted to an Olympus mirrorless as the perfect travel camera. With an excellent 12-40mm lens and internal image stabilisation, it handled most tasks, and anything extra, I’d just change the lens. It worked out to the same image quality as a big Canon, just a hell of a lot smaller.

I’ve since swapped over to small fixed-lens point and shoots, so the journey continues. Maybe it’s just that I like buying fresh toys. Whatever, it’s fun, and isn’t that what life is all about?

Matthew Karsten of The Expert Vagabond gives a rundown on how to choose the best travel camera. This is a subject of keen interest to me, and Matt’s advice is gold. The proof is in his pudding, with a blog full of amazing photographs, and he’s actually carrying his kit with him. He even includes a shot of his carry-on bag and all the camera gear that fits in it.

I heartily endorse his methodology, and although I’ve chosen a different brand for my ultimate travel kit, I cannot argue with his choices. You want to shortcut years of extremely expensive experimenting, just print out Matt’s post, walk into your local camera shop, and tell the assistant that you’ll have one of everything on the list.


After 7 years as a professional travel photographer & blogger, I keep getting asked what’s the best travel camera. There are so many to choose from! Here’s what I would pick, and why. —Matt

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Image credit: Matthew Karsten

Best travel camera: Matt Karsten shows how to choose the ultimate camera kit.

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