Travel insurance on hand

Travel insurance on hand

Phillipe Cousteau – yes, grandson of the legendary ocean explorer – tells the South China Morning Post his best travel tips. Headlining the article is one that will surely raise a few eyebrows: wearing a good watch while traveling is like having a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. In a sticky situation, you can barter it to get out of trouble.

I’m kind of dubious about this. Yes, I can see how it would work, but it might also attract thieves and muggers. And what’s to stop some crooked cop or customs official from manufacturing a problem that could only be solved by a timely present?

The rest of the article is great advice. This bloke travels a lot and knows what he’s doing.


“I was working on a project in Singapore, and an ex-Special Air Service soldier told me to always wear a nice watch: don’t flaunt it, but have it with you. He had a stainless-steel Rolex and wore it everywhere. He told me that no matter where you travel, a good watch – like a Rolex – is like currency and is something you can always use to barter to get yourself out of trouble.”
Phillipe Cousteau

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  1. I wonder if there are credible stats comparing the number of people who got mugged for their Rolex watches vs those who saved themselves by bartering their Rolexes…

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