Under the flightpath

Under the flightpath

26 Dec 2016

Travelling again, this time to Queensland’s Gold Coast, where we seem to have chosen a beachfront resort right on the ocean beach, directly under final approach to Coolangatta (OOL).

Many would find it noisy, with the surf crashing onto the sand and the regular thunder of jet engines, but I’m loving it.

I have my Flightradar24 app open, so I can see what’s arriving, stroll out onto the balcony as it approaches, and snap a photo of anything interesting. The postcard shot above is an Air New Zealand A320, looking superb in the morning sunlight, showing off its stunning black and silver fern livery.

I’ve always been a plane nut, hence the name of this blog. As it happens, the second flight in my flying life was into this very airport, back when I was only seven.

Sadly, my wretch of a wife shuts the door against the ocean noise and winces as the planes fly through the room. Good thing I love her!