Woken from sleep

Woken from sleep

Becky's HugsWoken from sleepCanberra
18 Feb 2017

Here’s Misty, woken from sleep, for no other reason than that the internet can always use more cats.

I’m discovering that with blogging, what one sees on the screen is really just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole ecosystem of applications, social communities, workflows and housekeeping to keep the whole thing flying.

I’ve been building up my knowledge of Twitter, but there’s Instagram, Pinterest and now Flipbook to learn. Various strategies to employ for each platform, and I’m really just fumbling around, trying to grab hold of it.

Time to put my Levenger Circa journal system to work, I think. Put the whole thing down on paper, together with the account names, passwords and so on. See the whole thing at a glance, and drill down for the details on separate pages.

I’ve had a journal system going for the past twenty years, first Day-Timer and now Levenger, which I think offers a superior format through their Circa binding disks, which allow various page sizes to be mixed around, swapped in and out, all without having to re-punch different holes or open binders.

I generally take my journal travelling with me, even though it’s a heavy old beast, because I haven’t found any software product to match it. I’ve even been able to use the disk system to make up travel journals, gluesticking in maps and ticket stubs and the like.

Woken from sleepMy most recent software blogging addon has been Flipboard, a product I’ve been using for years without realising its potential for expanding the reach of my blog. I created a new account and a couple of “magazines” yesterday and have noticed an upswing in visitors. I’ve got a long way to go before I have the audience of even a middling blogger, but I’m headed that way.

Bear with me, as my little travelling buddy would say!