World’s best foods: Countdown from Fifty

World's best foods: pizza

CNN has produced a comprehensive list of the world’s best foods. I cannot argue with a list that places chocolate in the top three, and there are many national dishes, such as Peking Duck, Seafood Paella, Pho and so on. 

Just looking at the list, and I’ve enjoyed 35 of the 50, seventeen of them in their native lands. Possibly a few more, if I were able to go back and check. I can’t remember having poutine in Canada. That sounds like one to stick in the memory, one way or another!

While I admit to having had McDonald’s in France and other gastronomic sins, sometimes that’s just the way things go. You’re in a hurry, you need something quick, cheap, and filling and you go for what you know. Not every meal on the road is a sit-down one with wine and linen napkins.

One quirk of mine is to match the dish to the place. I’ve eaten turkey in Turkey, had a hamburger in Hamburg, a danish in Denmark, a bourbon on Bourbon Street, and bought a tie in Thailand. My daughter and I went kind of nuts in New York, eating cheesecake, drinking Manhattans, and having a Subway on the subway. I’m visiting the Canary Islands later this year, and I suspect that my plate will be as empty there as it was in Wales.

Now, this is a challenge everyone can get their teeth into. How many of these foods have you eaten? Bonus points for consuming them in their listed native lands. My score is fifty-two out of a possible 96 (excluding four “global” foods). CNN lists chocolate as Mexican, ketchup as American, and corn on the cob as global. Go figure.


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food,” George Bernard Shaw said. Judging by the number of amazing dishes out there, he was right.

But which are the tastiest? Which are the best foods?

We’ve scoured the planet for what we think are 50 of the most delicious foods ever created. For now, feast your eyes and control your drooling, as we reveal some of the world’s best foods.

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Worlds best foods: countdown from 50

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